Write a windows script to delete files

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Upgrade Readiness deployment script

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Delete files older than n-days via T-SQL

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In need an example for a REGINI script i am trying to write

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Upgrade Readiness deployment script

All the sum should go to him. To automate the steps provided in Get started with Upgrade Readiness, and to troubleshoot data sharing issues, you can run the Upgrade Readiness deployment script, developed by Microsoft. Important Upgrade Readiness was previously called Upgrade Analytics.

Batch file

References to Upgrade Analytics in any. Some of the MSI and MSP files in the Windows Installer folder are orphaned and no longer needed which you can safely delete but the problem is identifying them.

Here are 3 ways for you to safely delete unused backed up setup files stored in C:WindowsInstaller. I need to move files from one directory to another in windows, and I need to write this in a batch script. We have written a SQL job where backup files will be created every 4 hours on the D: drive and last 4 backup files will be saved and others will be deleted.

I need to write a batch script to move these files from the D: drive to the E: drive every 10 hours. I am trying to write a batch file which would recursively delete folders with a specific name inside a tree.

i am just not able to do that. Please help me. batch files are generally pretty simple-minded things, not at all as powerful as *nix shell scripts. For more complicated tasks you would be. Using newlines in sed scripts. Occasionally one wishes to use a new line character in a sed script.

Well, this has some subtle issues here. If one wants to search for a new line, one has to use "\n.". Windows 95/98/ME If you are using Windows 95, 98, or Windows ME, the easiest way to remove an undeleteable file is to boot to a DOS prompt and manually delete the file.

Write a windows script to delete files
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