What company did muckraker ida tarbell write about

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Ida Tarbell

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Ida Tarbell

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Having become one of the most influential women in the country, Ida Tarbell went on to pursue numerous writing and lecturing engagements. However, she rejected the status of role model. Ida Tarbell was born on November 5, and died on January 6, Ida Tarbell would have been 86 years old at the time of death or years old today.

He wanted Tarbell to write about one of them: John D. Rockefeller, whose Standard Oil Company controlled 75 percent of the market. Initially, Tarbell didn’t think there was much of a story there. Ida Tarbell's life led her down a path, which established her as a well respected journalist, muckraker, and woman (Ida Tarbell).

Ida Tarbell's foundation for greatness was set early on.

42b. Muckrakers

She was born on November 5th in Erie County Pa/5(2). Ida Tarbell's early life in the Oil fields of Pennsylvania would have an impact when she later wrote on the Standard Oil Company and on labor practices.

The Panic of hit the Tarbell family hard as banks collapsed and the Tarbells lost their savings. Ida Tarbell was known as a muckraking journalist, famous for her exposés of corporate America, especially Standard Oil. and for biographies of Abraham Lincoln. She .

What company did muckraker ida tarbell write about
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What company did muckraker Ida Tarbell write about