To what extent has polish migration

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Can EU summit help Merkel survive her domestic battle over migration?

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The pros and cons of Migration

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Urbanization is the process of population concentrating in cities. As technology—machinery, irrigation, fertilization—made farming more efficient it became increasingly difficult for farmers to make a living. In contrast to older Member States, Poland has supported immediately allowing labor migration from new Member States, a position that benefits its citizens and labor market (although few Romanians and Bulgarians have come since their accession in ).

The Polish government has embraced EU cooperation in security issues. The Migration Museum at The Workshop – telling stories of movement to and from Britain in fresh and engaging ways. We stage an adventurous programme of exhibitions, events and education workshops at our museum, housed in The Workshop, an arts and community space.

Despite the abundance of studies of Polish migration to the UK immediately before and in the aftermath of accession to the EU inone fundamental question has never been clearly answered: why did so many Poles move to the UK? ) introduce the term ‘intentional unpredictability’ to explain why a high proportion of the Polish migrants that were interviewed did not fix their migration within specific time frame, creating an obvious dilemma for scholars attempting to match intentions with migration outcomes.

The Migration Observatory informs debates on international migration and public policy.

To what extent has polish migration
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