Budget detail

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Develop Your Budget

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Norms and Standards for Evaluation (2016)

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State Budget

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Budget 2017

Budget Latest 09 Sepam Pension perks worth £90, 'more at risk than tax relief' 07 Sepam Universities must give more top degrees to black students, under new.

SERVICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) knows that service works, which is why we are committed to improving lives, strengthening communities, and fostering.

FY 2019 Proposed Operating Budget Detail by Agency

Architects in Norfolk and Architectural Technologists providing you with supurb architectural services throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the World. Zipcar is the world’s leading car sharing network.

Drive on or off campus with Zipcars located at over university and college campuses. The Department of Planning and Budget is a Virginia executive branch agency. We work with the Governor's Office, the General Assembly, and other state agencies to develop and execute the Commonwealth's budget.

The FY President’s Budget Addendum and the following table show $ billion added to the Department of Labor Budget. FY President's Budget with Addbacks (PDF) FY President’s Budget in Brief with Addbacks (TES and SUIESO affected portions only) (PDF).

Budget detail
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